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We like to make things better. Whether it is making a great product from scratch, improving an existing product or making a team more productive, those are the things we love about our work.

We can work as a complete technical team for you or we can work as additional skilled people on your existing team, infecting them with good practices.

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"Thought-Sauce rocks! We needed a lead Ruby on Rails engineer to get our project off the ground, and Thought-Sauce were the only company able to provide the talent we required. Thought-sauce worked with us from conception, design, through to product launch for two major projects, and we simply could not have done it without them. Many thanks the Thought-sauce team" - David Beatty, Founder & Managing Director - Ltd.


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"Steve and the Thought-Sauce team are a pleasure to work with. Steve was instrumental during the planning stages and helped bring focus and collaboration to the project and all team members. Highly recommended!" Catherine Chen, Mamasan


The Thought-Sauce team has always been a mix of cultures and experiences and this diversity is one of the great assets of the team.

We love to get involved in the community and help organise the HK programmers' meetup called Codeaholics.

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"Thought-Sauce has helped the development team transition to Agile with ease. The result is evident from how the team now works and perfoms and how we are perceived by our clients" Rommel Barleta, Senior Developer, Wallem


Thought-Sauce is based in Hong Kong and we love the city. Most of our projects are based here and that gives us the benefit of face-to-face communications, but we have also worked on projects in UK, USA and the Philippines. We can work remotely or temporarily locate to your offices if needed.

Normally the lead-time for a project will be in the region of 6-8 weeks, as we are usually already working on a project or two, but if it is urgent try us anyway, you may be lucky.

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Cocoon, 3/F, Citicorp Centre,
18 Whitfield Road, Tin Hau, Hong Kong